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9 May

As a member of The Church of The Blue Dome there are certain rules, or commandments if you will, that one is expected to obey. However, the Church allows each member to interpret the rules to a certain degree according to their circumstances.

I may have flexed my interpretation of the rules a bit. Some may even say I’m now an apostate. Maybe, maybe not. But probably not, it is my church after all.

One of the great things about religion, and mine is no different, is revision. Like all great religion’s founders I’m allowed to pretty much do as I may. So, I’m going to rewrite some of the rules to accomodate my current circumstances.

That being said, I am forsaking the Dork Bike. Blasphemous, I know. Allow me to ‘splain.

I’ve found some new truth that I was lacking. I’m merely adding this new truth to my existing truth to form a more perfect religion.

Beware the Vassago Jabberwocky:

Granted, not too dork. Other than breaking rule (commandment) # 3, Rim Brakes Only, I’m still keeping 7 of the original 8 commandments. That’s much better than most religion’s founders and besides I’ll be revising those rules as to comply with all of them soon enough.

Tasha has also been enlightened with more truth and will be riding a frumious Bandersnatch to church.

These new truths would never have been known without the aid of Misty and Kris at Vassago Cycles who saw that we were heading down the wrong trail and steered us back to the twisty and narrow. Thank you!

Not apostasy after all, thankfully, but a magnification of truth leading to a fullness of the gospel of The Church of The Blue Dome heretofore unknown.

Callooh! Callay!

I Went To Church Today

9 Mar

Hard to believe and with Tasha no less. We attended the Church of the Blue Dome. We pedaled under the blue dome for almost 3 hours albeit at a slightly irreverent pace. I love the Church of the Blue Dome. It’s the only place where I find true peace and happiness.

The Blue Dome was filled with a glorious light today that was as bright as the noon day sun. We toured the south end of the valley with a trip up the north side of Suncrest. Crap that is a steep hill. I told Tasha that I was just going to spin up Traverse in my easiest gear but when she stood up and pedaled away from me the temptation to chase was too great. I gave into the flesh and tried to match her pace but my legs were shot.


We met back up for a sacrament of Seattle’s Best at the the Suncrest Market before heading down the mountain. We screamed down the hill at such speed as to gather no moss.

We arrived at home with our physical bodies spent yet our beings swelled by the spirit of the Blue Dome. As sure as I am typing this I do testify as to the truth of those things that we experienced today. The Church of the Blue Dome is true. If you doubt you only need partake and the truth shall be made manifest to you. Amen.

Anybody want to be baptized? I thought so.