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Cholla Challenge Revisited

8 Apr

I did this race a few years back and it was hot, long and miserable. I ran out of water just before the last of 3 laps and ended up snagging a bottle of some red stuff from Cris fox. I chugged it as I was parched and knew I wouldn’t finish without it but as the liquid hit my lips my stomach started to churn.

I finished the race but could barely drive back to my parents house in Washington. I spent the next few hours alternating between flailing around on the floor and hugging the toilet while puking GU and red stuff. Everyone had to leave the house, I am very noisy and I was making everyone nauseous.

Last year was also hot and miserable. Kendra, my 12 year old, also finished her race but got so dehydrated we had to take her to the emergency room for an I.V.

Why am I so looking forward to this race this weekend? Weatherman says it’ll be hot. It’s going to be long. I’m sure it will be miserable. I can’t wait.

It’s my first big mountain bike race of the year. Tasha and kids will be there racing and sharing in the misery. We’ll be camping and cooking brats on the fire at night and bacon and eggs in the morning. Lots of good friends will be there and I’ll be getting worked over on the dork bike. Yeah, I can’t wait.