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Carbo Rocket

14 Mar

I’ve passed out a lot of free samples of my kick ass sports drink Carbo Rocket and I’m ready to start collecting some coin from everybody that needs to feed their habit. I’m also looking for some new addicts.

I just finished the final label with the all the labeling requirements in place and finally found a high quality source for a hard to find ingredient. The first big monster batch should be ready this weekend with the orders going live on the website next week.


I’m very excited about it as I’ve used it exclusively since July of last year for all of my training and racing and it has worked perfectly. I had my best season ever. I’ve received nothing but positive feedback from everybody that’s tried it including local pros, local joes and world famous celebrities. It passed the Leadville 100 test, 24 hours of Moab test and the Intermountain Cup test. It works. It tastes great. It’s ready.

Almost. The thing is, I like the name Carbo Rocket but I’m not 100% sold on it. I originally called it Brad’s Bomb so, that’s still an option too.

Here’s your chance to name the next big thing in sports drinks. If I pick the name you suggest I’ll send you a case of it free of charge. Of course, if I change the name that will delay it another week or so but big deal. Or, should I just leave it be as Carbo Rocket or change it back to Brad’s Bomb?