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Camp Lynda Day 3 And Bad News

26 Jan

Camp Lynda 2.0 day three was the driest day and would have been the longest day but I only lasted a few hours because..because..because I was tired OK.

After I turned around it got lonely real fast, at least the views didn’t suck. I didn’t have my GPS (it stopped working after my endo on day one) and I took a few wrong turns.  At one point I thought I was about to have a Deliverance moment when I heard someone on a harmonica.


Some new campers and a few familiar.  Kurt and Chris.

img_2410 img_2411

Kenny and Dan?

img_2412 img_2413

Lynda and Dave C.  I think there were 6 or 7 Dave’s this year. New name for next year:  Camp Daves.

img_2416 img_2420

And Sonya.  Lynda may have to start watching her back.


Thanks again to Dave and Lynda for a great camp and if you didn’t make it this year get it on your calendar for next year now. It’s not to be missed.

And now the bad news. No Gooseberry 100k.

New snow today after all the rain that hit over the weekend will make the trail conditions way too messy to be biking on Jem, Gould’s, Rim and may make it impossible to even bike the loop on the mesa. That is, if you could even drive up there.

I will re-schedule for a later date. Possibly late February or March. Stay tuned.

Proper Muddy

24 Jan

It’s OK Tasha, Dave doesn’t bite.  I think he wants to dance.


Lynda’s good side.


The smiles say they were having a good time but the finger tells the truth.  Jen tried to tell the truth but couldn’t quite get it out.  What did the girls learn today?  Never follow Brad onto a muddy trail.


We got turned around pretty early into the ride by all the mud.  Undeterred Tasha, Jolene, Jen and Patty headed out to do laps on Church Rocks and I went home and made empanadas.

Proper Dirty

23 Jan

Camp Lynda day one hurt on many levels.  Before I get to the hurt, a big thanks to Dave and Lynda for putting this together.  I’m pretty sure I’m thankful but the pain meds haven’t worn off yet.  I think there were about 35 riders today.


Lynda barking orders.  Do not cross her again Mr. Holley.





See the downward glance on Chris.  Those are guilty eyes.  He’s feeling bad for running over the top of me.


A tacoed wheel and bloodied ear after only 30 minutes into a 5 hour (for me) ride will do this to your face.


Jonesing out of the Church Rocks area.




Proper dirty.  I broke the Vassago in real good today.  No baby steps here.


Proper bloody.


Again? Tomorrow? Really? OK.

Slow So Good

10 Jan

The new Vassago Jabberwocky build job is coming along. Slowly. Very slowly.  I’m savoring every moment and every juicy morsel.  Jon’s stem looks even better on the bike.




The build should be complete just in time to get it dirty at Camp Lynda v2.0 coming up in a a couple weeks.