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Vietnam with Grimdog

30 Jan

Longtime friend and one time fellow Webelo, Jeff Grimshaw, invited me to visit Vietnam with him next week. I just got my visa a couple days ago without any problems so Vietnam apparently doesn’t have a very high bar for who they let into their country.


I have no idea what to expect or what we’ll be doing while there. I’m guessing I’ll be cleaning toilets or something like that. Jeff founded a non-profit organization in Vietnam called Paul’s Kids that helps orphans in Vietnam with medical care, education and quality of life. I will be doing some work there (cleaning toilets) for part of the time and then I’ll be working off my comped airfare in one of the male brothels the rest of the time.

Jeff and I grew up together in Dogtown, Utah. He was always smarter than all of our parents and teachers and that got us into plenty of trouble. He’s also an avid cyclist so you know he’s good guy. He even shares the view with me that, while we like Floyd Landis and think he’d be cool to party with, he’s surely a doper. Jeff likes him a little more than me since Jeff now hales from Pennsylvania. Here he is with Floyd. Jeff claims to work in organizational behavior, sure you do, mafioso!


Seriously, check out Paul’s Kids if you are shopping for a charitable organization that does a world of good. They have an easy PayPal donor system set up and a dollar goes a very long way in Vietnam.

I plan on riding a bike everyday while in Ho Chi Minh City. To and from wherever we may be going. Ill be taking my GPS so I don’t get lost and I’ll probably just buy a bike over there and then leave it with someone when I come home. I hope I don’t get run over.

Anybody know anything about biking in Vietnam or have any tips they want to share?

Team Kits And Manly Manliness

9 Jan

I was thinking that this year I would eschew any type of team kit or sponsored brand name riding gear. You know, show up on the dork bike wearing dorky shorts and jersey and just ride. However, I’m a little flaky, guilty of the occasional wide stance (thanks BobbyB). So, when Jamie sent me an e-mail containing the new DNA / Revolution kit I changed my mind about eschewing team kitness. I now fully embrace it. At least for today.




I got nothing to say about that first kit. Actually, that’s a lie but I’m going to refrain. I do however, really like the plain gray kit as well as the pink kit. As a matter of fact, I like the pink kit so much I’m going to place an order. After all, I really should be wearing pink. Not only do I look fabulous in pink it also keeps my high levels of manly manliness in check.

There Was No Blood

1 Jan

Lots of endo’s and I’m pretty sure everyone fell at least twice. I wiped out a dozen or more times. It was extremely cold, someone said 10 degrees at the start. The downhill was a total riot. I pitched headfirst 3 different times into snowbanks. No blood, dislocated fingers or shoulders. See if you can find the half-naked lunatic mountain man aka Bill Friedman in the pics below.

If you weren’t there you definitely missed out. You only have to wait 12 more months to give it a go.

There Will Be Blood

27 Dec

I can’t wait to see that movie but the blood I’m talking about will be on Squaw Peak on New Year’s day. I just got an e-mail from Kenny confirming the 2nd annual New Year’s Day Squaw Peak Hill Climb is set to begin at 10:00 a.m. Here’s a pic from last year and conditions appear to be similar. Looks like 12 showed up.


Get your new year’s resolutions off to a good start. Join us for a ride that will surely turn into a race up the Squaw Peak road to the Look-out parking lot. We’ll meet at 10:00 a.m. on Tuesday the 1st at the parking lot at the bottom of the Squaw Peak road. It should take about 45 minutes to an hour to climb to the top. We’ll regroup at the top and race back down to the cars. There will be blood.

Don’t miss out on all the fun. Last year we had dislocated fingers, frost bitten toes, maxed heart rates and few coughed up lungs. I’m pretty sure everyone crashed at least once.

Get Your Dork On!

10 Dec

Rick S. got me thinking about next year. My plan for next year as far as my bike goes is to get my dork on.

Getting your dork on should not be confused with getting your geek on.

If you are easily hypnotized by shiny pieces of carbon fiber or titanium bike gizmos and consider yourself an early adopter of bike technology, chances are you don’t need any help getting your geek on. If you’re still unsure of what I’m talking about I suggest you pay a visit to Jamie Pogue’s garage. No one gets their geek on like Jamie. I mean that as a compliment. I must pause here to thank Jamie for all the wonderful hand-me-downs from his garage that have allowed me to get my geek on in my own little way.

Getting your dork on is the opposite of Jamie’s garage. It’s your D. I. to your Nordy’s. It’s your Huckabee to your Romney, your Accordion Hero to your Guitar Hero.

Last season, geek on:


Next season, dork on:


To the untrained eye the above bikes may look similar but they couldn’t be more different. I’ve loved the custom, made just for me, frame from Walt Works. As a matter of fact I’ve owned a couple Walt Works and they rock.

Next season though, I’m going with a 5 year old totally stock 2nd owner Kona Unit. It even has a big dent in the downtube. You may not notice all the geekiness on the Walt Works but its there, from the carbon fiber hydraulic brake levers to the carbon cranks and titanium seat post. Zero carbon on the Kona in the second picture, no titanium either. I’ll be using rim brakes in lieu of hydros and my brake levers don’t match.

I cant’ wait. Join me in getting your dork on.

Winter Cycling

4 Dec

I just talked to Tony P. and he’s thinking about going out for a ride in the cold and snow. I really don’t want to go out in the cold and snow but in my constant pursuit to beat Kenny I’m forced to do it. Here he is at Leadville this year on his way to a blazing 8:30 time, on a single speed no less.


I’ve come to the painful realization that I can’t afford to take a few months off when it gets cold. Even after breaking his head open and busting his hip this past year you’d think he’d slow down. Wrong. He’s strong like bull.

And then there’s Rick S. and those youngsters in the DNA crowd (Tony, Jamie, etc.) that are constantly pushing the pace beyond AT or VT or whatever you call it when blood starts dripping out of your ears. Nobody’s getting slower.

I must ride. Of course, I’d rather be outside than doing this:


I’m so lerpy.

If I’m going to get out I need to go shopping for some good winter gloves . I’m sure I can find some cheaper gloves than these mitts I came across from Rapha. Holy Crap! $165! Ouch! I remember reading somewhere that John Stamstad liked to outfit himself for the Iditabike with cheap stuff from Wal-Mart. I’m definitely going to Wal-Mart.

Cyclocross Ice Skating

1 Dec

What a difference a week makes. Last week shorts and short sleeves. This week multiple layers and gore-tex.

Some pics from last week:



And here’s today:






Does anyone remember the first time they stepped onto an ice rink with skates? That’s pretty much how the whole race felt to me. My inner spaz came out in full force today. I have no idea how many times I fell down, I stopped counting after about 7. I only ran over one person though, poor woman. I think I finished somewhere in the middle back of the pack.

Tasha made the wise decision to go to spin class this morning instead. Everyone had a great time including the beast.