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2 Apr

= Vomit. I’d never heard of a sprinterval let alone done one until today. They are just what they sound like. Do a few 20 second sprints followed immediately by a 5 min interval. Repeat the whole process a few times but not before taking a break to sit in the gutter on the side of the road with your head between your knees trying as hard as you can to not vomit.

I think most people would just vomit and get it over with. I know people that can vomit on the fly without even missing a pedal stroke (dug). Not me. To yield to the vomit is to unleash a beast that knows no propriety.

I convulse, I wretch and gag and flail about. I can’t think of a single worse thing for my body to do than vomit. Just ask Tasha. When I vomit she has to put the kids in the car and get as far away from the house as possible. I’m very noisy and very messy. I couldn’t imagine what a passerby would think if I let the beast out on the side of the road.

I can control it it just takes a little time. After about 10 minutes I was able to get back on my bike.

I doubt I’ll be doing any sprintervals anytime soon, I can’t believe I did more than one, but I would like to recommend everyone go out and do some tomorrow.

BK Simple Plan

31 Mar

BT Cruise Intervals. They sound like something the military is doing in the skies over Fallujah. I did a few of them the other day. Well, my interpretation of what they are. I have no idea what the BT or Cruise part of the workout mean but I do know Intervals = pain. I can do that.

As much as I hate the idea of having a training plan I know myself well enough to know that without a plan every ride becomes a race. With a plan I can practice restraint and have recovery days, which are always a good excuse if someone is riding faster than me. I hate all the numbers and data and such and really just like to ride my bike.

I used a heart rate monitor and coach last year (thanks Robert and JR) and it just happened to be my best season ever. Coincidence? Probably not but it did take some of the fun out of biking and I had to think. I bike to not think.

This year I’m on the BK Simple training plan. It’s one I can follow and not use a heart rate monitor and it doesn’t take a lot of data crunching and most importantly, doesn’t detract from any of the fun.

The Bk Simple plan is, well, simple. Get as much saddle time in as possible. I can’t emphasize that enough. I also use Training Peaks for workouts but I toss out all the jargon and acronyms. I don’t have time to learn a new language let alone any new math skills. I think everyone knows how to do an interval or a sprint.

Most cycling plans, including Training Peaks, have zones 1-5 with assigned heart rate or watts based on testing your threshold of something, tolerance for pain I think. Forget all that and if its a zone 1-2 day it’s an easy day and if it’s zone 4-5 it’s gonna hurt a lot that day. If you are supposed to be doing 100+ RPM’s pedal fast and if you are doing 50-60 RPM’s pedal slow. Simple!

Monthly and yearly plans available. Feel free to contact me should you need a consult.

Dork Bike v2.0

4 Mar

The evolution of the dork bike is taking place at a rapid pace. No waiting around millions of years to barely notice any changes in the minutiae. No, the dork bike changes are happening quick and are macrutiaeous. Check it out. I’m pretty sure it will be the next big thing in mountain biking if it already isn’t.


I haven’t ridden it yet but it is beauuutiful. You know you want one. I think I’m into it maybe $200 tops (beg, borrow or steal) and half that is in tires cause I gotta have the tubeless. I’m just geeky that way.

Jon Hanson hooked me up, once again, with a Surly 1×1 fork that he customized to fit rim brakes on a 29 inch wheel. I owe him big time. Yes, I am now running a 69er bike or 96er depending on how you like it. 29 inches up front with a 26 in the back. Mismatched brakes and now mismatched wheels.

I was going to debut it at ICUP#1 in St.George but I got the flu. Looks like It’ll have to wait till the Cholla Challenge next month unless something else comes up.

Viva el Dork Bike!

p.s. yes, that is mud from Camp Lynda 2 months ago.

Gooseberry Forrest

26 Feb

Forrest has never been to Gooseberry Mesa but that didn’t stop him from catching the Gooseberry sickness. He hooked me up with this monster aerial photo of the mesa. It must be 5 feet by 5 feet. It’s huge. I’m willing to bet it’s the largest aerial photo of Gooseberry Mesa in the world. Thanks, Forrest!


Smack dab in the middle of the picture is my little piece of prime real estate. The Gooseberry peninsula, as I like to call it, where I will be spending a lot of time working and playing but mostly playing.


Mr. Sabrosa, Jon Hanson, also caught the sickness and was nice enough to put together a site plan for the yurt project. Eventually there will be 4-5 yurts and a central gathering area with a fire pit and deck for hanging out post ride. I think a sweat lodge is in order as well. Thanks, Jon!


Thanks to the help of Forrest and Jon I will be throwing a yurt raising party on the mesa sometime in March. Check back for details and go find your hammer and dust off your circular saw. Oh yeah, Kenny will be doing brats on homemade bread. Right, Kenny?

Back To Reality

19 Feb

It’s harsh. Coming home after being gone for 10 days isn’t easy. The consequence of only one bike ride in 2 weeks and gorging myself on great food hit home this morning when I stepped on the scale. 8 pounds! 8 pounds gained in only 10 days. The first ICUP race of the season is only 2 weeks away and I’m feeling fat and slow.

A few biking related things have happened while I’ve been gone. I got into the Leadville Trail 100. This will be Leadville race number 5. If I had to race it today I predict I would pull off a 10:30 finish time. I’ve got 7 months to knock 2 hours off of that time. That’s my goal 8:30 unless of course someone talks me into riding it just for fun and not racing. I could easily be swayed right now and that would sure make my summer a lot easier.


Vintage Brianhead Epic 100 shot of Elden & Kenny. Don’t they look cute in their matching kit? And so young.

Elden thinks he’s going to do the Brianhead Epic stage race. Which means I’ll have to do it as well to avoid the name calling and public humiliation if I try to weasel out of it. I could probably handle the name calling if it was just Elden but it looks like Rick S. and Kenny will be there as well and there’s nothing worse than not being part of the post ride story telling. Dug, you in?

Action items for now: Lose 8 pounds in the next 10 days. I think its doable. If I can gain 8 in 10 days why not lose it in 10 days?. Re-arrange summer calendar to accommodate the Brianhead Epic.

Biking in Vietnam

10 Feb

I finally got out on  a bike ride. 

We hit the Ben Thahn market in the morning where you can buy anything from snake wine to weasel coffee.  I’ll be bringing home some of that weasel coffee if anyone wants to come by and try it.  Just the smell of the roasted beans brought me to my knees and put my saliva glands in overdrive.  I’ve never smelled anything quite so delicious.  And it is delicious.

We then hired ciclo drivers to haul us to the other end of town to visit some Buddhist temples.  I booted my driver to the passenger seat while I took over the cockpit.


I immediately felt right at home on the fixed gear single speed machine.  Well, for a moment anyway.

I thought I’d show off my superior American cycling abilities to the other ciclo drivers so I stood up to sprint. As I did I immdeiately lost control and just about dumped my passenger and myself into oncoming traffic.  The ciclos are essentially a really big 200 pound trike set up in reverse with a hinge connecting the front wheels to the back wheel.  They manuever much like those swing bikes from the 70’s which is to say they go in the opposite direction to where you think they should go.  When I stood up and started sprinting my ciclo got the death wobbles that got worse the more I struggled for control.  It took a moment to realize that what I needed to do was let go and be. Another buddhist move necessary for successful transportation in Vietnam.

After arriving in one piece I wandered around the temple bowing to people and chanting, “om mani padme sum.”  Everyone looked at me like I was from India or something.



After half a day of pedaling in 90 degree heat nothing beats a nice bowl of pho bo and an ice cold Tiger for recovery.


Frozen Hog Race Report

2 Feb

I wasn’t going to go but I got out of bed this morning and thought if I didn’t go I’d just sit around the house all morning drinking coffee and eating waffles. Tempting, I know.

I went and had a good time. I decided I needed to go and help Racers Cycle Service defend the team trophy which they have had for the last several years. I didn’t help. We came in 2nd in the team category.


Yards from the finish line and just yards ahead of Racer.

The aftermath. I think this picture says it all. Racing in January hurts, I’m fighting to keep the vomit down as I was on the verge of hurl.


I’m not sure who gave Elden the microphone but he ran with it and raffled off a bike for the Lance Armstrong Foundation.


The first lap was great I only endoed once. You could actually ride the downhill section. By the 2nd lap the course was so chopped up from all the traffic that I ended up running the entire downhill section.

Thinking about riding my bike in the snow and the cold never sounds appealing but it’s always a good time.

Here’s a few random pics.