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Desert Rampage 2008

2 Mar

I think I got more miles in this January than any other January to date. Even with the harsh winter we had in Northern Utah I still got in some extended weekends with long days of saddle time in Southern Utah and plenty of hours on the trainer while at home. I gave it all back in February.

Between my trip to Vietnam and being really sick most of last week I think I got on my bike a total of 3 times the entire month of February. I’m not complaining though, I did get that nice trip in and then I got to crew for my girls at the Rampage on Saturday.

They kicked ass. Tasha took 2nd in the women’s 35+ category and Kendra and Cassidy came in 1st and 2nd respectively in the girls 10-12 age group. I got to take care of them and cheer them on from the sidelines and take lots of pictures. That’s right, I didn’t race. I didn’t even take my bike so as not to be tempted.


I had a blast spectating for a change. I enjoyed watching the suffering as each racer headed out on another lap. Some with yellow rivers of snot flowing from nostrils to lips. I guess I wasn’t the only one getting over a cold or flu but my snot would have been green.

One of my favorite things about mountain bike races is re-connecting with old acquaintances that I’d label as best friends even though I tend to only run into them at the races. For example, Doug Rock. If there was an award for the nicest human being on planet earth it would be given to him annually. And then there’s Travis Brown. Ok, I just met him after the race but he chatted me with like we were old friends.

The usual people kicked the usual butt with one notable exception. Matt Ohran, who I can safely say I’ve been able to whoop on for the last number of years, must be on drugs. He stepped it up in the pro-class no less, taking 8th out of a huge pack. Surprised the hell outta me. Way to go Matt.

I had to borrow a camera as I left mine at home but here’s some of the better pics from the race.



The Future

18 Jan

I’ve not only seen it I’ve experienced it and you can too. It’ll change mountain biking forever.

Last week before Camp Lynda I was in need of some new rubber for the dork bike. My tires were bare down to the threads in places, had little cuts all over them and must be 10 years old.

Allow me to digress a bit. In committing to the dork bike this year I have also made some silent vows for the year. I haven’t mentioned them to anyone until now. I will only speak of one of the vows today. It is this: I vow not purchase anything for my bike all year. No new anything. No new shiny technology or bike part of any kind. I can, however, buy a new chain or tires as they wear out and the obvious tube or two. But that’s it. If I happen to break a seatpost or taco a rim I must beg, borrow or steal the replacement.

I stopped by Revolution and Ryan and Melissa hooked me me up with some Maxxis Monorail tubeless tires. Ryan even mounted them up for me on the spot, what service. Yep, I said tubeless tires. I am now running tubeless tires on the dork bike. It’s practically geeky which seems like it wouldn’t be in keeping the dork bike rules. I had to check my list (yes, I have a list) to make sure I wasn’t breaking any of the dork bike rules. Whaddya know, tubeless tires aren’t on the list anywhere.


Pic from Adam L.

What a revelation! Unbelievable! I’m a whole new mountain biker with new found skills. They roll over anything and corner like crazy and these babies are plush. I feel like I have a whole inch of travel front and rear. I must also say they make me feel like I’m cheating a little. I’ll never go back to tubes though. I’ve seen the future for me and it’s tubeless.

Coffee With Jesus

25 Dec

Perfect Christmas Eve Day. I realize it’s Christmas today but I’m running a day behind.

We yanked the kids outta bed this morning at 5 a.m. and went downtown to the Salt Lake Mission and brewed around 10 gallons of coffee for the people. If my girls learn nothing else from me they’ll have learned how to make some good coffee. An invaluable skill that should serve them well throughout their lives and ensure that they take good care of me when I’m too old to do it myself.


I then got out for a nice ride on the Monkey right before the cold front and big storm rolled in.


If you have a good eye you’ll notice the carbon post on the Monkey. At first you may think I’m geekin but really, what could be more dork than a carbon post on a 10 pound Monkey frame? And yes, those are disc brakes but they’re not hydros just cable actuated and 2nd hand at that.

More about Christmas Eve and Christmas a bit later and maybe some video if I can get those liability release forms signed.

Merry Christmas!

Tempted By The Darkside

21 Dec

This is exactly the kind of temptation that makes me weak. I am very capable of returning to full on geek mode in the presence of such a specimen. Jaime P. has just put all bike geeks to shame, again. He’s gonna be very hard to de-throne after this.


This bike oozes geek more than anything I’ve seen in a very long time. Jamie is really making me question myself and my decision to go dork.

I will overcome. I am stronger than I think I am. I can do more than I think I can. Where’s Ken Chlouber when I need him?

BTW, bike was an early Christmas gift to himself and is a custom Blacksheep with the blingiest stuff you could imagine.