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Butte 100 Race Report Part 2

9 Aug

97 miles and 10:40 of ride time into the Butte 100 I was all by myself which was the case for most of the day. I had just finished an incredible downhill section and was on fire looking for the finish line just as the single track I was on hit a T into some ATV trail. No markings other than some cryptic arrows that made no sense at all, turns out they were for some other event. Tire tracks going both directions, what to do?

I went left and quickly ran into Pete, who I had been chasing all day. He validated my decision and I validated his decision so we kept going and going and going. Before long we had descended quite a bit of gravel road, so much so that I had competely abandoned any thought of backtracking with all the climbing it would require. I was done. My body was ready for it all to be over an hour ago and here we were obviously way off course and melting in the afternoon sun.

Pete decided turning around was our best option as who knew exactly what lay in front of us. Sometimes knowing is good even if you know its going to be difficult. I didn’t think it was possible for me to get back up the hill but followed reluctantly. We made our way back towards the T and ran into 3 other racers that had made the same bad decision as we had. We assured them we were not on course and we all limped our way back to the finish.

As the 5 of us limped it to the finish line I found myself way off the back walking up any grade steeper than flat. The other 4 were nowhere to be seen. When I came down the last little downhill section just yards from the finish I was surprised to find Pete Behrends and Ben Macht waiting for me so we could finish together. Very cool of them to do so, thanks guys.


A few of the reasons you should plan on attending the Butte 100 in 2010:

  1. Best 100 mile course out there.
  2. Super friendly, helpful volunteers and race organizers.
  3. Aid stations every 10 miles, I didn’t think I’d need them and didn’t stop at all of them but it was nice to have people cheering me on a on a regular basis and something I looked forward to.
  4. Kettlehouse.
  5. It’s in its infancy, you can say you raced it way back when and were part of it before they had to have a lottery to get in.
  6. Nez Pearce and Continental Divide Trail make up a BIG portion of the course and it’s worth the drive just to experience those trails let alone race on them. Unbelievable.
  7. Really cool race jersey from Utah’s own Blackbottoms included in the inexpensive entry fee. See pic of Pete above.
  8. Did I mention the trails yet? Simply amazing mountain biking for a race or not.

See you all there next year.