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Dessert Is Served

6 Mar

The pumpkin pie is finally ready.


I think I can safely say the pumpkin pie Jabberwocky build is the damn sexiest bike I’ve ever owned.

A few standout items if I may: Well, duh, the Vassago Jaberwocky frameset. The custom Sabrosa white stem, I can’t keep my hands off of it and neither can anyone else. A pair of Avid Elixir CR brakes, I could tug on those levers all day. One Bontrager Inform RL saddle, I even had my sit bones measured at Bontrager HQ. And last but not least a Bontrager Race X-Lite wheelset, set up tubeless thanks to Troy from Maine.


I Hate The Mailman

19 Feb

Most of the time that is. Today however,  he came through in spades. I like him again.  He dropped off  a nice little package from the fine folks at Vassago.  Inside the box was a very pumpkin colored ODIS fork to complete the pumpkin pie jabber build and a 29 inch WTB Weirwolf 2.55 tire.

I gotta say I’ve never been so excited about a tire in my whole life.  Do people get excited about tires?  It looks huge, has huge volume and a nice round profile.  I think it may be the perfect all day epic 29er tire.  It’s so big that I may actually get 2 inches of travel out my rigid front end after I set it up tubeless.

I tossed it on the gram scale and it came in at 748grams, 34 grams lighter than stated on WTB’s website.  A little portly but not bad for how freaking big it is.  Here it is mounted up on a Salsa Delgado front wheel and clamped into the ODIS.


Time to hit the snow, where I’m confident it’ll feel right at home.  I’ll post up a review after a few rides in the dirt.  That is, if I ever see dirt again.

Pumpkin Pie

21 Jan

As much as I love dessert I’d never make it as a baker, I’d have customers yelling at me non-stop. The pumpkin pie took me forever to finish. Although it’s edible, it’s not quite done.



I still need to mount the matching orange ODIS fork. This will however, more than suffice for Camp Lynda this weekend.

Yes, I like to show lots of post and I have long sexy legs.

More build details coming.

Slow So Good

10 Jan

The new Vassago Jabberwocky build job is coming along. Slowly. Very slowly.  I’m savoring every moment and every juicy morsel.  Jon’s stem looks even better on the bike.




The build should be complete just in time to get it dirty at Camp Lynda v2.0 coming up in a a couple weeks.

JabberWocky Top 10

24 Oct

With the arrival of my new ride for the 2009 season I got to thinking about this past season on my first Jabberwocky and how much I’ve enjoyed the bike.

What’s so sweet about a JabberWocky? How about a top 10?

  1. Comes in pumpkin color, I thought it was orange but it’s really pumpkin, pumpkin spice with cream cheese accessories.
  2. Head tube gusset.
  3. I get to say, “JabberWocky” or “jabber” all the time.
  4. Cool looking, functional dropouts. Easy rear wheel removal.
  5. Simple, effective chain tensioning. Better than eccentric or sliders, I’ve had both.
  6. Best descending hard tail I’ve ever ridden, even better than the dork bike.
  7. I own one.
  8. I forget what 8 is for.
  9. Misty, Chris and company at Vassago.
  10. Wet Cat geometry: angry, fast and agile like a wet cat.

There you have it. Buy a Vassago JabberWocky, you will love it.

Just In Time For Halloween

22 Oct

A brand new orange Jabberwocky.

I’m thinking it needs a white stem, seatpost, cranks, wheels and fork.

It’s Just what my therapist ordered. I can’t wait to bash it at Fall Moab.

Thanks, Misty, Chris, James and crew at Vassago! You guys rock.