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No Racing Along The Wasatch Front

18 Sep

I don’t see any races, road or mountain, scheduled for Saturday.  What to do?  I think Jamie P. has the perfect solution:


Just sending out a reminder about our trail project tomorrow morning Sat Sept 19th from 8am until noon.  We’ll be meeting at the top of Clark’s trail so just drive all the way up the Corner Canyon road to meet us at the parking area at the top of Clark’s.

The trail machine has completed another 1.25 miles of trail for us to work on.  The total length from the top of Clark’s to the bottom of the new section is over 2 miles!

We need as many people tomorrow as possible so that we can get all of this new trail ready to ride.  We’ll be clearing some over hanging limbs and smoothing the tread of the trail to finalize it for riding.  This is easy work and we can cover lots of ground but we need some more volunteers.

Please come join us even if you can’t make it for the whole morning.

If you have any questions, or if you arrive late and need to find out where we’re working, call me at 801-652-3700


Proud Papa

29 Jun

I have no idea how long Jamie has been been dreaming and scheming and planning and bribing and flagging in order to get his trail started in Corner Canyon but its been a long time. Saturday a dozen of us left our bikes in the garage and put on jeans and t-shirts instead of lycra and began working on the soon to be named, future flagship trail in Draper. If you think the trails are awesome now, just you wait.

Jamie taking the very first Polaski swing with Daren narrowly escaping a lost toe.


Jamie and Ken, the 2 trail bosses responsible for making it all happen. Thanks!


I was amazed how much we actually got done in such a short amount of time. Numbers make all the difference.


Here’s the section we worked on before we got started.


And after only a few hours.


I can only imagine how far we would have got if we had 2 dozen workers. I’ll try to get info posted well in advance if anyone is interested in joining us next time and with the amount of trail planned there will be plenty of next time.

If you want to get on the email list so you know exactly when and where next time shoot Jamie an email at

Trail Blazer

7 Jun

Since I have spent countless hours riding and enjoying the great trails here in Corner Canyon I thought it was way past time for me to give back a little. Trust me when I say little I mean little. If you had to compare the amount of hours I’ve spent enjoying the trails here to the amount of trailwork hours I’ve done it would be a ratio of 1,455:1. If anybody keeps track I now have 2.5 hours of trailwork in Corner Canyon under my belt.  I know, pathetic.

Off we go.  Jamie, Karl, John and myself heading into the jungle.


It felt like Corcovado and I thought we were going to have wild boars chasing us at any moment.


Some day soon you will be riding your bike through this stuff but without all the stuff.  Thank Jamie for it.  BTW, When Jamie says to wear pants to help flag the trail you should listen.  I’m slightly oppositional defiant and wore shorts, big mistake as my legs are still bleeding from all the scrapes and punctures.


Seriously, this is how it’s done;  you ride your imaginary bike down the imaginary trail and hopefully, it feels “right”.  Does it feel swoopy?  Does it feel fast?  Does it feel too tight?  Jamie totally nails the switchback and proclaims it just right.


I am a trail rider not a trail blazer unless you consider creative ways to spend your children’s college fund “trail blazing”.  Jamie is the trail blazer and if you want in on the action and fun and bleeding shins you can contact him at to get on the volunteer list. Do it!  Don’t be pathetic like me.