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2010 And Beyond

8 Jan

I tried really hard to take a month off from posting anything on the interweb.   I guess I cheated if you count tweeting and facebook.  I thought it would be cleansing and renewing but its left me feeling slightly constipated instead.

2009 is over and all I have to say about that is if you haven’t seen District 9 well, then, you really haven’t finished your 2009. Seriously, you need to see that movie before 2010 can officially start.

Twenty Ten has a nice ring to it so I’d like to make it extra special. I’m still trying to figure out the details but have a few things on my mind. For one, I plan on becoming a triathlete in 2010. Not your normal triathlete mind you. I think there are a few too many geeks in triathlon *edit-none that I know of course* and pretty much zero dorks so I am committing to becoming a triathlon dork in 2010. I addition to racing triathlons on a single speed I plan on bringing back the Speedo. Triathlon just hasn’t been the same since men stopped wearing the Speedo. And really, who needs goggles for the swim?

Back to my real passion, mountain biking. I plan on doing a handful of ICUP’s and I’ll throw in as many 12 hour and 100 milers as possible. 12 Hours of Mesa Verde sounds cool as well as the 12 hous of Temecula.  My focus for 2010 will be the Butte 100 with my final push of the season being the Park City Point 2 Point, 2 of the best races anywhere! If I’m flush and feeling good I may try to do La Ruta, I’ve dreamt about that one for years.

You’ll notice I didn’t mention anything about 24 hour races or Leadville.  Until they figure out how to get rid of the riding between 12 am and 6 am I am protesting 24 hour races and I can pay for most of the years entry fees for what they want at Leadville this year.

Yes, 2010 will be a good year.  See you on the trails and on the road and maybe in the pool…nah, not the pool.

Pogo Darts

2 Sep

Lots of this over the weekend:

And I’m still the pogo darts champion:

I Gots Ninja Skillz

13 Dec

I took the girls to the Jazz game. I really don’t know anything about the Utah Jazz except that Kirilenko has permission from his wife to have sex once a year with another woman. Nice.

We took Trax to the game and ran into a couple bike commuters escaping the 20 degree cold. Local IMBA rep and fellow ICUP racer Ryan Miller and Cliff. Some commuters choose to commute by bicycle and others have no choice. Ryan is in the former category and Cliff falls really hard into the latter. You can see Ryan’s fixie in the first pic below if you look real hard. I’m not sure what to call Cliff’s bike but he says it’ll be available in a carbon fiber version next spring at Revolution. I can’t wait.


Cliff told me the bike seat was an Ethan Allen office chair and that it was the best saddle he’s ever had on a bike. I counted 4 different stems in his handlebar set-up and lots of tape.


I enjoyed the circus around me more than the game itself. We were surrounded by people having personal conversations and shouting matches with the Jazz players who were 100 rows below us on the court. At one point little parachutes started dropping from the rafters carrying what looked like burritos, turns out they were t-shirts.

I immediately started strategizing on how to improve my odds of snagging one of the burritos should it float my direction. I was surrounded by kids jumping out of their seats and flailing their little arms trying to grab the parachute as it came closer. I stood perfectly still and waited til the very last moment and then struck like a snake. Those poor kids didn’t have a chance.

I think the Jazz lost.