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No More Magic

13 Oct

The magic ratio worked well for 3 races.  Even starting with new hardware, by race #4 the chain started falling off .  The magic ratio is supposed to let you run a single speed on a bike with vertical dropouts and no tensioning device.  It works. Briefly.  Here’s my temporary solution for last weekends race:

While it worked OK, it’s ugly, really ugly.  I don’t do ugly, it must go.

New solution:

Zero magic and 100% purty!

I Got In, Did You?

29 Jan

No, silly, not Leadville but the Single Speed World Championships in Durango in September.


Never been to Durango nor to the SSWC but it looks like a lot of fun.  A very special thanks to Kendra (my 13 year old) for the winning artwork.