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Sundance Niceness

2 Jun

# 7 in the 12 race Intermountain Cup series, Sundance now marks the spot on the calendar where one can see the end of the mountain bike race season. It left me feeling a little melancholy if not a little slow or maybe everyone else is hitting their stride and just getting faster.

This picture shows the only time of the race where I would be in the lead, the first 100 yards.


I quickly fell back to about 5th before hitting the tight single track where I lost sight of Chris and wouldn’t see him again until the finish.

Trying to pass became the the theme of the day and I think having a good passing strategy would have payed off big time. My strategy went something like this, I approach a racer in front of me and ride their wheel for a minute making sure they know I’m there and most would just pull over. If my riding their wheel didn’t communicate the fact that I’d like to get by then I would say in the most polite way imaginable, “whenever you’re comfortable can I get by?” I think I erred on the polite side of things.

Then there was racer “X” who after riding his wheel for 10 minutes and asking repeatedly in the most polite way imaginable if I could get by, I even made it clear I wasn’t in his class, finally says to me, “take it if you can.” What? Really? OK, dickhead. I didn’t call him that or say anything but muscled around him in a corner nearly taking both of us down.

Why? I don’t get it. Every single other racer I passed, and there were dozens and dozens of course because I’m speedy you know, went out of their way to let me by. I guess I shouldn’t complain since I only had one problem but that one dickhead really pissed me off.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot because I got all worked up again writing about it but I ended up 3rd running a 34×21.


Draper ICUP #6 Stan Crane Memorial

28 May

Someone asked me before the race how I thought I would do.  I said, “I have no expectations.”  I am such a MOFOing liar!  Of course I had expectations, I wanted to win.   I kept telling myself that I had no expectations in order to calm myself and enter into a Zen state of mind that I like to be in before the start of any race.  It’s the state of mind that does not do or think or stress or care.  It just is.  I can get there pretty easy and like to stay there for the start and part of the first lap of a race.  I sometimes have a hard time getting back to the race.  On Monday the water crossing woke me to the fact that I was in nearly last place.  Screw Zen, I gotta pedal.

Base camp.  With an extra 4  hours of waiting due to weather and course changes I was glad to have the shade.   I also went through 10 gallons of CarboRocket.


My favorite Carborocket addict.


Alex,  I know you have to say Monavie but I know what’s really in your bottle.   Your secret is safe with me.


2-live crew.


The man, the myth, the legend.  Ken the Draper trails mastermind.


1st place finish for newest CarboRocket addict, Senor Stark.


Way to rock it Tasha, you’ll get them next time.


1st, 3rd and 2nd respectively.  Nice work girls!


Rick, your gloves are white not camouflage.


I must say the new Vassago team shorts look really good even with the over color coordination I have going on.  Thanks Vassago!


I’ll take 2nd to Chris any day.  The dude was on fire and could not be denied, congrats!  Bob, you are looking way too comfortable in the tweetie chair.


Thanks to team Revolution for the killer cheese burger after the race and all the ICUP volunteers for putting on a great race.

Cholla Challenge Report

5 Apr

The SoUt trip this weekend started out a little scary with white-out road conditions from Fillmore to New Harmony on the way there and non-stop rain in St. George all day and night before the race.  I can’t believe how nice the weather turned out for Saturday.

I went down early on Friday to  hopefully get some materials dropped off and work done on the deck at Gooseberry.  Brian and Ali were already there getting pounded by the snow and rain.  Glad they called and told me not to come up to the mesa as they ended up leaving Ali’s car stuck in mud up to its axles.


I somehow managed to lose one of my set screws for my rear drop-out on the trip down but Vassago team mate Dave at OTE saved the day by giving me his off his own bike.  Thanks Dave!

Tasha was having a great race leading the 35+ women’s class for the first half of the race until she flatted out.  Tasha, I take full responsibility and I promise I’ll get Troy from Maine to get you all set up tubeless before the next race.  Congrats to Kendra on the win.


Check out Whitney lined up with the pro women.  Yes, that is exactly where you belong.  Quit your sandbagging in the expert class, nice job on the win.


Me mashing up the final hill to the finish.  I was a little worried about the relatively flat desert course on the SS Jabberwocky but somehow managed to pull it all together at the very end.


KC Holley pulling off an impressive 3rd in the totally stacked women’s pro class.  Nice work!


Dot, Tasha’s nemesis from last year,  had a great ride also finishing in 3rd in the ultra competitive women’s sport class.  I expect a win at 5-mile, Dot!


Dan working on his tan after cleaning up, um, er, with his 2nd 1st place of the season.  I refuse to call him a roadie forever more.


Even with the trash talking Jeremiah Bishop out of contention with a double flat the Monavie-Cannondale boys finished 1,2,3 in the men’s pro class.  I wonder what #1 and #2 were drinking out on the course?


The pro women’s class was totally stacked (can I say that?) but Lynda Wallenfells was the dominate force Saturday followed closely by Sue Butler in 2nd and KC Holley in 3rd.  Amazing race!


Perfect weather, great course and lots of competition made for a successful stop #2 on the Intermountain Cup circuit.  See you at 5-Mile.

Cholla Challenge Roll Call

31 Mar

Last year the Cholla was my first race back in the Expert class after a couple of years racing in the Single Speed class. I had raced in the Expert class for a couple of years before that and always considered myself “pack fodder” never finishing above mid-pack and usually in the bottom 3rd.

It was here at the Intermountain Cup #2 last year that I realized it doesn’t matter what bike you are racing; light weight, full suspension, geared or single it just doesn’t matter.   I managed a 3rd place finish on the Dork Bike and was extremely happy about it.  On second thought it probably was the bike.

Me and the fam are heading down this weekend are you?


I realize this picture doesn’t have anything to do with the Cholla Challenge and I’m pretty sure Elden isn’t going to make it down this year but Damn! what a nice hat. I want one. And not bad Sunday best either. I’d totally wear that suit to church. Wait, I already do.

Desert Rampage 09

9 Mar

Cassidy was the official race photographer since I was racing this year.  I’m not sure who she had take this picture but here she is with Racer.  Racer is 6’11” so you can see how tall Cassidy is.


Old friend, father Fishlips himself, Doug Rock.


New logo, new race machine.   The Jabberwocky performed flawlessly.  It’s even a better handling  bike than before with the correct offset fork up front.


Grizzly and Sunderlage.


Sunderlage and Sam.  Way to kick it in the SS class boys.


Chris B., Kenny, Mike H. and Me.  The super limited edition sleeveless Masher jersey makes me look really good.


Perfect weather, great race course and lots of people drinking CarboRocket made for a spectacular Saturday.

Rampage Roll Call

4 Mar

I missed out last year due to illness which was a bummer as it’s not only the 1st race of the series but one of the best race courses of the whole Intermountain Cup.  You know, you’d actually go ride the race course as a fun mountain bike ride unlike say, 5-mile pass or Cholla which are only good for racing.

Here’s Cassidy my 11 year old tearing up the course.


Who’s in this Saturday and what category are you racing this year?

As for me I’ll be duking it out (hopefully, as opposed to puking it out) with the expert 40 + boys.  My race plan is simple:  Beat Bob.

What’s Wrong With This Picture?

4 Feb


That’s right, I’m not in it.  Neither is anyone else that is on the team that is going to win the Frozen Hog this Saturday.

Sorry, Mike, Scott, Joe and Jason it just doesn’t look right in your hands. You’re going down. Hard.  I hope you enjoyed it while it lasted.  We are taking it back!