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WORS Alterra Race Report

31 Aug

I’m up to 3 races now in the Midwest each in a different state.  They all share two things in common, lots of tight twisty single track and hot, wet heat.  I’m slowly but surely acclimating.

I Finally got a WORS series race under my belt and it did not disappoint.  It was the Alterra Coffee Bean Classic at Crystal Ridge, Wisconsin.

WORS puts on a well organized, professional race. ICUP ain’t too far behind though.  In the bang for buck category WORS wins hands down with bigger turnout, just as stiff competition, equally great venues and medals for everyone on the podium all for a measly $25.

This was the first race with some serious climbs, steep enough to hurt but not long enough to get much distance on anyone.  Alterra offered up the twistiest, tightest and most single track of the 3 races I’ve done.  My single track skills are progressing but not once in the 3 races I’ve done have I ever felt like I was in any sort of rhythm.  I did however, pass way more racers in the one track than passed me.  Progress.

Alterra was also the hottest, by far, of the 3 races.  More CR before the race was key to feeling great the entire race with no fade. Or it might have been Half Acre riders Jen and Paul-Brian cheering and dumping ice water on me. There were 19 in my 40+ category and I ended up 5th.  I’ll take it but think I could have moved up a couple places just by getting to the front before hitting the single track.

The Pro Men’s podium.  Guerra 1st, Braun 2nd and Matter 3rd.

Any good race day is not complete without some good food.  All road trips that pass through Wisconsin now require a mandatory stop, the Mars Cheese Castle.  A little bit of kitsch and a whole lot of killer sandwiches.  Try the 3-cheese and tomato grilled cheese.

Thursday I fly to Salt Lake to ride the Park City Point 2 Point and fill racer’s water bottles with CR.  Yes, I said ride.

Draper ICUP

7 Jun

There’s nothing quite like racing on your own backyard trails except for maybe just riding them. I had my best race of the year, as in I felt great for the entire 2+ hours and finished 3rd, Bob I’m coming for you. I really thought this was one I could win but my theory that everyone is getting faster as I get slower is becoming reality.

Some people use computers and GPS but I like to taste the air on my tongue during the race to gauge my speed, doing about 12.5mph here.

The race in the backyard is also good if you’re local. I’m sure I gained an extra minute or two on the out of neighborhood competition just from the cheering section, better than any amount of caffeine. Thanks to Kendra my 14 yr old for the action photos, she may have a future after all. Kendra, If you read this I’m joking you have a very bright future.

Here’s CarborRocket, er, I mean Bryson Perry on the Men’s Pro-Class podium with a huge win. The former Leadville Trail 100 winner has his sights set on Lance this year.

KC Holley with a 2nd place in the Women’s Pro-Class. She is moving up the podium at every race, I expect the big W to be this month.

I somehow managed to crash not one but 2 BBQ’s after the race. First was for Team Revolution at the venue.

2nd was at Dot and Karl’s house. Tasha and I live up the hill from Dot an Karl and have some binoculars trained on their backyard for weekend festivities. I think they are getting used to us as they even offered us food this time. Any progress is notable in party crashing.

PCPP Predictions

4 Sep

That’s Park City Point to Point race for the uninformed and it’s a mountain bike race with about 14, 000 feet of climbing in 75 miles and pretty much all single track.

It’s going to be a big deal tomorrow and for many years to come. Huge turnout from the local race crowd as well as some nationally recognized names.

Here are my predictions and then I’m going to bed.

Top 3 men will all be locals. Not sure of the order but it’ll be Alex Grant, Bart Gillespie, Chris Holley or Kevin Day. Topeak-Ergon may sneak a rider in there somewhere.

Top 3 women will be KC Holley, Sonya Looney and Heather Holmes. Pua ain’t gonna pull it off but Amanda Carey might sneak her way in there somewhere.

Top 3 men will all be CarboRocket athletes and top 2 women will be as well all though Sonya Looney doesn’t know it yet but she’s a future CarboRocket athlete.

There you have it. let’s see how my predictions go.

Oh yeah, I’m going to win my category as well. Sorry, Kenny.

My Death Confirmed

18 Jul

Even though I died with a bang it was completely devoid of drama.  As I hiked my bike all the way down from the very top of Solitude I told everyone that asked that I had double flatted.  That wasn’t really true it just seemed like the easiest thing to say without having to explain myself.  I mean who has time to listen to a story at race pace?

I got a big hole in my tire on the very first rocky section and the Stans didn’t seal until it hit 5 pounds of pressure.  Or, so I thought.  I wasted my only air cartridge getting it back up to about 40 pounds before it started blowing air again.  I went ahead and changed the flat thinking maybe I could bum some air off another racer while I hiked off the mountain.  The more I thought about it the more stupid it sounded, “hey, can I have your air because I only brought one?”

I said nothing and hiked it out.  I can’t complain too much, it’s the only flat I’ve had all year.  Too bad it had to be on my last ICUP race of the year.  Next up, Butte 100.  I guess I better start training.

Congrats to Sam for the W and everyone that hung in there just to finish, It looked like it hurt a lot.

Shit Stick

15 Jun

First off, major props to CarboRocket imbibers Monavie-Cannondale rider Bart Gillespie and Gary Fisher-Subaru rider  KC Holley for winning the Men’s and Women’s Pro-class at Deer Valley on Saturday.  Nice work!



And now on to the race that’s forever burned into my memory and my quads.  When I pre-rode the course I barely made it up the initial climb without walking.  Little Stick, the name of the ski run we had to climb at the beginning of each lap, should be re-named Shit Stick, cause that’s how it made me feel.  My plan was to swap to an easier gear than the 34×20 I was running but saw Rick running the same and decided I needed to man up.  Hey, I only have to do it 3 times, I’ll walk if I have to and still be going as fast as anyone pedaling.  Maybe.

My plan was to ride as hard as I effin could from the get go and never let up.  It worked pretty well as Chris B. and I took turns leading for the first two laps.  And then Shit Stick got stuck in my spokes and forced me off the bike to walk about 25 yards on the last lap and Chris got ahead of me by 50 yards or so and stayed there til the finish.  I finished 30 seconds back good for 2nd.  I’ve said it before but ‘ll take 2nd to Chris any day, the dude can pedal.

dv4 Picture by Tweety Bob’s better half Lyna.

There was a great turnout despite all the rain and once the race got started the clouds went away and we had sunshine and blue skies.  Turned out to be perfect conditions.  Everyone showed up including a few foreigners like Dave who came all the way down from the Jackson Hole area.

Hardest race of the year so far with thoughts of gears and suspension dancing in my head the entire time.  Someday…

ICUP #4 Sherwood Hills

10 May

I haven’t been to Sherwood Hills for a race in about 12 years or so.  I had completely forgotten what a fantastic venue it is with nearly the entire race on wooded single track.  I also debuted the new CarboRocket tent and single serve packs.

IMG_3795 The Jabberwocky matches perfectly!

IMG_3796 KiwiLime available now and other flavors in next week.

Bob and Tim took it out hard.  So hard they had me wheezing and hacking for nearly half of the first lap.  I thought I might die.   The course didn’t have any long climbs to break things up nor any downhill sections long enough to recover.  It was pedal, pedal, pedal.  By the end of the race riders were in full on survival mode with a lot of normally fast guys limping it to the finish.

IMG_3802 Too tired to hold our heads up and Bob got a little verklempt that #3 didn’t show for the podium.  It’s OK, Bob.

Congratulations and thanks for the support to all the racers from beginner to Pro that were drinking CarboRocket.

Happy Mother’s day Momma Keyes and Tasha.  I love you both.  More on Mother’s Day later.

Frozen Hog 09

7 Feb

The Church of The Blue Dome is true and sometimes Truth hurts. I prophesied it and it came to pass.


Dan was filled with the spirit today and testified big time.


Chucky flatted out but it mattered not.


Because Kenny and Racer both preached with fire in the belly. The Brethren brought down the house and returned the trophy to its rightful place. Amen.