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Product Testers Needed

30 Jun

I’ve got a boatload of the new recovery drink and I need some able bodied product testers. I will be at the Solitude race tomorrow night from 5:30 until after the race and most likely I will be at the Soldier Hollow race on Wednesday also from 5:30 on.

If you happen to miss the Tuesday and Wednesday product testing I plan on attending the State Championships at Solitude on Saturday.

If you were on the fence and not sure about racing I hope this post pushes you off the fence (post…off the fence, oh, I kill myself). The only requirement to become a product tester is to have raced so make sure you sign up and enjoy the suffer fest.

Of course, I will also be supplying CarboRocket free of charge so bring your empty water bottles.

Good Luck!

Girly Ride Deer Valley Style

14 Jun

While there were some other males on the ride I found myself riding with the girls, Tasha and Whitney to be exact. It turns out they are infinitely more photogenic and much better company than any of the guys. And they can shred the single track. Really, would you rather ride behind this:

and watch this:

or be stuck riding behind this:

or worse, this:

There was a small fashion war at the start as someone else happened to be wearing the exact same jersey as me. Oh, the humanity! I decided it better to go without a jersey than compete with another like jersey. I even volunteered to wear just my Speedo which, conveniently enough I had brought along, but I got voted down.

The trails in DV and PC are mostly in great shape but we couldn’t get all the way across Mid Mountain due to lots of downed trees and more than a few snow patches.

Given a choice I think I’ll pick the girly ride every time.


2 Jun

That’s what the stopwatch read when I looked down at it this afternoon. That is, right after I put myself back together after having my first ever head-on collision with another mountain biker. And by head on I mean not just bikes but foreheads and shoulders.

He was a little dazed and confused and I’m actually surprised he didn’t pass out as he was looking pretty wobbly. I guess that’s what he gets for colliding with my massive deltoid. I stopped long enough to make sure he was going to be OK, re-attach my brake lever, apologize (he was hurt not me although I blame him for the crash) and offer to douse him with water to snap him back to reality. I have the outline of his eye socket permanently pressed into my shoulder.

It felt like I was on my way to a record Clark’s TT. I had been punishing myself for over 10 minutes and even managed to get by two bikers and one hiker already and could feel the record within my reach. I was at the top with the finish practically in sight. I get nauseous thinking about trying it again.

I’ve tried 3 times now. I flatted once, too muddy the 2nd time and now the head-on collision. I guess there’s always next week.

On the bright side I posted a 3:27 on Jacob’s ladder and rode the new Ghost Falls trail. I predict that It will be even better than Clark’s. It’s all cut in and ridable albeit a little rough. Access is just to the left of the old Ghost Falls access off the upper Corner Canyon road.

Corner Canyon Time Trials

14 May

Time Trials with an s.

I think Tony P. started the madness last year setting the start and finish points but Rick S. was the first to blog about it. Well, Clark’s Trail TT now has its own official website thanks to UtRider.

I couldn’t remember my time from last year but I’m pretty sure it was under 11 minutes. Looks like I need to give it another crack.

I don’t know if downhills are referred to as time trials or not but thats what I’m going with for Jacob’s Ladder.

At the top of Jacob’s Ladder there is a small island of weeds and rocks right where you start rolling the downhill. Start your time just as your front tire passes the western edge of the island. I built a little cairn there with a green rock but don’t know how long it will last. Stop your time as your front tire hits the wooden fence at the bottom before the trail spits you out on the upper Corner Canyon road.

3:45 is my time on the dork bike.

I’m expecting great things from Sleepy, Jamie P and dug.

Don’t forget that the Sundance/Soldier Hollow weekly series starts tonight and I’ll be there conducting a Bohemian/CarboRocket seminar.

White Rim TT

27 Apr

What’s better than riding around the White Rim in one day? Not many things.

Chris put the bee in my bonnet about time trialing the White Rim and Adam suggested we try it the day before Kenny’s annual RAWROD.

Somehow I found myself committed to ride the White Rim in one day on two consecutive days. This could possibly be one of the few things better than riding the White Rim in one day or it could end up being something much worse.

I got out of bed Friday morning at 3:50 a.m. I can’t believe it either. I met Kenny at his house and we headed out in the FnJ. Getting up that early apparently doesn’t agree with my stomach and I’m afraid Kenny will be reminded of that every time he gets in his car for the next week, possibly month.

We picked up Adam at the gas station by the Canyonlands exit North of Moab and headed out to the top of the Horse Thief swithcbacks. This is where everyone would camp that night for Saturdays RAWROD and the begining point of our ride on Friday.

Our plan was to ride in a clockwise direction and finish right where we started.

The three of us were together for about 35-40 miles when Kenny decided he needed to get moving. He was the mouse and I was the cat for the next 60 miles. I was stopping to pee every 5 miles or so and he would motor off, I would then try to catch him for the next 15 minutes and we would ride together until I had to pee again. Yes, I was well hydrated, so well hydrated that at mile 65 my camelback was empty.

The pace was such that I always felt like I was on the verge of a blow up. Luckily, it didn’t’ happen until the bottom of Horse Thief which came at about mile 98. The previous 10 miles I could tell that either Kenny was suffering or he was saving up for the climb up Horse Thief. I was feeling really good at the time and couldn’t wait to hit the climb.

I was just ahead of him at the bottom of the climb at mile 98 and the moment we turned to start climbing I was finished, kaput, done. I thought for sure I was going to have to walk. We were together most of the climb and I kept waiting for him to stop so I could stop too. Much to my disappointment he just kept going. I was miserable, any harder and I would have vomited.

He crested a couple bike lengths ahead of me and both of us finished in 7:39.

No way was I doing it again on Saturday.  More on that later and lots of pictures.

Who Beat Me?

22 Apr

Clark’s Trail is still closed but Jacob’s Ladder is wide open. If you’ve never ridden Jacob’s Ladder you’ve missed what just may be the best downhill trail in Northern Utah. It’s my fave and one of the reasons Draper City has the best mountain biking trail network of any suburban area in the State.

I’m a a little disappointed as I was really hoping to be the first one down Jacob’s this year but there was one other set of tracks up there. Who was it?

I only rode through a few patches of mud near the top and only had to get off my bike once to push through a 10 yard section of snow, other than that it was all ridable and I’m still grinning. Have fun!

Girly Ride

19 Apr

I went on a girly ride today. If anyone thinks that a girly ride is what I would call an “easy” ride they better think twice. I only refer to it as a girly ride because there were more girls than boys. 3:1 ratio and I was the 1.

As a matter of fact I would bet that the three girls I went with would place very high in a men’s category mountain bike race, possibly all on the podium.

Dot Verbrugge, Whitney Pogue, my wife Tasha and myself were planning on hitting the 5-mile pass course but the wind was so bad that we stayed in Corner Canyon. Nothing wrong with that. Corner Canyon in Draper could possibly have the best suburban trail network in the USA.

Dot nailing the water crossing.

Whitney sporting her “downhill” face.

Tasha having a good time.

Tasha busting the single track climb.

I think we did about 2.5-3 hours of mountain biking while everyone else stayed inside because it was too windy.

Most of the Corner Canyon trail network is open except Clark’s Trail.

To all the husbands that were out of town on a bike trip I must say that the biking was much better at home. See what you missed out on. That’s right, just me and the girls.