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Blisters And Karaoke

19 Jan

One of the best weekends in a long while. Weekends start on Friday, right? Kenny came and picked me up Friday night (man-date) and we headed down to the warehouse to watch The Revival, a fixie bike movie. Just insert a skateboard or trials bike or snowboard or skis and you get the idea. Warren Miller meets some fixie dudes from Portland.

The warehouse ain’t about whats playing it’s about the warehouse. Brian Price has what every man wants, NO YARD WORK. He lives and sleeps in a warehouse and hosts parties in same said warehouse nearly every weekend. Did I mention no yard work? Go Brian!

I then got up at 5 am on Saturday and went back-country skiing with dug, Mark and Dustin. Did you hear that, 5 am! I have no idea where we were except that it was somewhere in Little Cottonwood Canyon.

I am a total amateur. I can’t ski to save my life and my life needed saving multiple times Saturday. 5 hours of back-country after the warehouse Friday night just about killed me. At least I got a souvenir; blisters. Lots of them all over my ankles and shins. I’m guessing it’ll be a couple weeks before I can put the boots on again. Luckily Tasha had a nice leisurely Sunday planned for us (real-date).

Karaoke and sushi class at Mt. Fuji.

I’m a natural when it comes to karaoke and making sushi. Chef Jo said so. Many times, I think. I couldn’t understand a word he said all night but he knows how to throw a good sushi making class complete with karaoke. I ended up making 2 rolls, 1 hand roll and 1 piece of ngiri.

Yes, I made those and they were delicious.

I don’t know if it was all the wasabe or sake but I was the only person out of a group of 24 that thought karaoke was a good idea. I’d post the video but I may run for public office some day, I’m pretty sure I totally killed it though.

Retirement In A Can

30 Nov

I’ve noticed a disturbing trend with my aging parents, the increasing presence of canned food in their house. It seems like every time I visit them their shelves have become more crowded with canned food. Not just one pantry shelf or even one pantry but its taken over what used to be the linen closet and bedroom. Open a bedroom closet and you are sure to find row upon row of canned beans or vegetables instead of shoes and coats.

A number of years ago they first introduced me to canned chicken, I had no idea. Apparently you can buy it in bulk at Costco. A year ago it was the canned beef, grass fed and from Argentina no less. Then, over Thanksgiving weekend I came across what my Dad assured me was the holy grail of canned food, behold:

And how much might a can of bacon cost you must surely be asking yourself?

It’s only 9 0unces and costs more than the best rib eye money can buy. No wonder my Dad was more than a little protective of it as he kept asking me what I did with his bacon and begged me not to open it.

I should be nervous for my parents and my own future retirement but alas, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. I happen to love canned fish.

I did have one last question for my folks before jetting off, “where can I get my hands on some canned bacon?”

Without batting an eye my Dad said, “oh, at the violin, paintball and food storage store.”

World’s Greatest Holiday

11 May

Ask my kids what their favorite holiday is and they will freely answer, “Mother’s Day.”  No, not Christmas or their birthday but Mother’s Day.  Why, might you ask?  It has to be the cheese, or maybe it’s the Mother.

For the last number of years we have made a tradition of packing a picnic to Red Butte Gardens and feasting and drinking until all we can do is roll around in the grass.  By feasting, of course, I mean eating lots and lots of exotic cheeses and meats and more cheeses.  Maybe toss in some crusty baguette and an Oregon Pinot but the focus has been and always will be the cheese.

This year was no disappointment.  I brought along generous portions of Rembrandt Gouda, French Mimolette, Brie and Swiss.  I stepped up the meat selection to include genuine Prosciutto di Parma wrapped around cantaloupe and some hard dry salami.  I’m telling you it was pure palette heaven.

This year was extra special because we haven’t been eating any dairy products (don’t ask) so the cheese was an extra special treat.  I seriously could have just died yesterday because it just doesn’t get any better.

Of course none of this would be possible without a Mother.  Happy Mother’s Day Mom and Happy Mother’s Day Tasha.  I love you both!

Oh, what does one look like after such a feast? Glad you asked, pretty damn happy and in my case, pretty damn old.


Power Lunch

13 Mar

If you’ve known me for any length of time you know I have a penchant for fringe eating habits.   From food combining and juicing in the 80’s to eicosanoides (don’t ask) in the 90’s.  I’ve tried lots of different diets and eating regimens and read just about every book that comes out about food.  My current fave, Bottomfeeder, a real pager turner.

Lunch is the one meal that I have complete control over.  I make the kids breakfast of their choice most days of the week and dinner is all about family time so, lunch is just about me.

It’s taken a couple of decades but I think I finally found the perfect go-to lunch.  I eat it several times a week and is cause for skipping out on lunch with dug and Elden.  My new favorite meal:


Makes your mouth water, huh.  Sardines with fresh squeezed lemon, black pepper and Sriracha hot sauce.  Mmmm.

And if that didn’t make you hungry dessert will for sure.


My own little creation, a fruit and nut bar (recipe available on request) that just so happens to go great with a nice glass of Malbec.  Hey , who said good food and drink was just for dinner.


Fish Q

7 Sep

That’s what I call it but there wasn’t no fish to eat only Fish cookin’ up some of the tastiest Q you ever had. Pulled pork, choripan, the best chicken I have ever eaten, marinated grilled steak and various other meats. I only mention meat cause that’s all I ate and ate and ate. I didn’t want to fill up on the salads.

Some local hipsters barely able to stand and smile after several pounds of meat. I have no idea what those things protecting their eyes are, meat splatter protectors?

some of the female carnivores trying to figure out the marinade ingredients. Good luck.

Special thanks to Fish for all the effort and great food. I can only imagine how much it cost. I don’t know how one person pulls off grilling a gazillion pounds of meat and still manage to serve all that meat with a smile.

Thanks! I can’t wait for next year.

Elephant Ear Fish And Little Tiger

15 Feb

The food in Vietnam is so good that if you got nothing more than a days worth of meals here for the 20 hour plane ride then it would have been worth the hassle to get here. Food is fresh, colorful and can be had for a song and I’d sing any day for it. Pho bo is the daily bread and is eaten for breakfast lunch and dinner. I never thought I could eat beef, noodles or soup for breakfast. Turns out I can eat all three. Delish!


It doesn’t matter what time of day you walk around the city you’ll find people out on the sidewalks sitting at what looks like Barbie’s picnic table, tiny little tables and chairs, eating. It seems like all they do all day is scooter around the city and eat. Sounds good to me as long as I can get skewered meats.  Is it just me or does everything taste better on a skewer?


One of my favorite meals here was on an island in the Mekong delta where we ate grilled prawn heads and Elephant Ear fish. The fish was brought to our table standing upright and looked like it had volunteered for a taxidermy school. 


It’s not really food but snake wine is everywhere in the south. It’s the Vietnamese answer to Viagra or so they say. When in Rome…. don’t do it. It’s the only thing I’ve ingested in my life that actually tastes worse than it looks. I hope I don’t get hepatitis.


I almost forgot, if you see see “little tiger” on the menu don’t order it, wait until you visit Cambodia where it’s not so tough and stringy and yes, it’s exactly what you think it is.