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4 Nov

Brent was moving into his new office in the basement of SLC Bike and I thought he needed a fancy floor. It had been a while since I’ve messed around with concrete so I was itching to bust out the tools and see what my muse had in mind.



I told Brent that I’d do the floors for him in exchange for a new Madone. Well, that’s how I remember the conversation.

Team Kits And Manly Manliness

9 Jan

I was thinking that this year I would eschew any type of team kit or sponsored brand name riding gear. You know, show up on the dork bike wearing dorky shorts and jersey and just ride. However, I’m a little flaky, guilty of the occasional wide stance (thanks BobbyB). So, when Jamie sent me an e-mail containing the new DNA / Revolution kit I changed my mind about eschewing team kitness. I now fully embrace it. At least for today.




I got nothing to say about that first kit. Actually, that’s a lie but I’m going to refrain. I do however, really like the plain gray kit as well as the pink kit. As a matter of fact, I like the pink kit so much I’m going to place an order. After all, I really should be wearing pink. Not only do I look fabulous in pink it also keeps my high levels of manly manliness in check.