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Sweet 16

4 Aug

It’s hard to believe my baby, Kendra, is 16 years old today.  I love it, I think.  She is amazing and wonderful and smart and beautiful and talented.  I do love her, that, I know.  We have been celebrating her non-stop all day long.

I celebrated her with oven-puffed pancakes this morning.

Tacos this afternoon.

Followed by $100 worth of empanadas and Haagen-Daz coffee ice cream for dinner. Yes, $100 buys a lot of empanadas, please stop by tomorrow and have a few or I will be eating them for the next 3 weeks.

She then celebrated her 16th by shaving and bleaching her hair.

Kendra will continue celebrating her 16th birthday for the next 3 days at Lollapalooza in downtown Chicago wherein, I will age 5 years in same said 3 days.  Oh, to be 16 again! I’m loving every minute of it. I think.  Happy birthday Kendra, you are the best, most awesome 16 year old daughter I could ever hope for.  I love you!

Retirement In A Can

30 Nov

I’ve noticed a disturbing trend with my aging parents, the increasing presence of canned food in their house. It seems like every time I visit them their shelves have become more crowded with canned food. Not just one pantry shelf or even one pantry but its taken over what used to be the linen closet and bedroom. Open a bedroom closet and you are sure to find row upon row of canned beans or vegetables instead of shoes and coats.

A number of years ago they first introduced me to canned chicken, I had no idea. Apparently you can buy it in bulk at Costco. A year ago it was the canned beef, grass fed and from Argentina no less. Then, over Thanksgiving weekend I came across what my Dad assured me was the holy grail of canned food, behold:

And how much might a can of bacon cost you must surely be asking yourself?

It’s only 9 0unces and costs more than the best rib eye money can buy. No wonder my Dad was more than a little protective of it as he kept asking me what I did with his bacon and begged me not to open it.

I should be nervous for my parents and my own future retirement but alas, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. I happen to love canned fish.

I did have one last question for my folks before jetting off, “where can I get my hands on some canned bacon?”

Without batting an eye my Dad said, “oh, at the violin, paintball and food storage store.”

Spring Break

12 Apr

We finally took the kids to Disneyland.  Much to my great disappointment they are no longer the only kids on the block that haven’t been to Disneyland.  The good news is that now I never have to go back.


I learned a valuable lesson that I’d like to pass on to anyone about to head to Disneyland or any other amusement park for that matter.  Never, under any circumstance, get on a ride immediately after eating one of these monsters along with a couple $7 IPA’s.


You will totally regret it.  I promise.  That thing was as big as Kendra’s leg and the 4 of us couldn’t eat it all.  The following picture doesn’t even come close to conveying the gravity of my situation.


All in all I would have to say that taking the kids to Disnelyland wasn’t nearly as bad as I though it would be.  I actually had a great time, much more fun than I expected.  Plus, I got this totally cool hat.


Keeping with the cycling theme of this blog I thought I’d also share this cool little video that Elden shot of Jamie P and myself jetting around corner canyon a few weeks ago.  Happy Easter!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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It Seemed Like A Good Idea

16 Feb

That was the theme of my weekend.  What kind of father would I be if I didn’t take my girls to the Salt Lake City International Tatoo Convention or teach them to play poker?  Not a very good father is the short answer.

However, when we ran into the girl with the permanent corset and after losing all my pocket change that I’ve amassed over the last year I began to wonder.


Then I went for a little ride on the cross bike.  I’m sad I didn’t invite anyone along.  Not so much bike.

It’s A Wrap

4 Jan

The holiday’s are over and not a moment too soon. We went to DC to spend time with Tasha’s family and eat. A lot. I gained 10 pounds from Christmas through New Year’s but it was so worth it.

Most people want to go to the top of the Washington Monument. I got the Washington monument on top of me.


The fam.


Highlight of the trip was winning the drawing for front row seats to West Side Story. Nothing like spit and sweat flying all over the stage. Loved it.


I followed up an award winning trip to DC with a jaunt to St. George and a ride around the newly award winning Zen Trail. I just awarded it the coveted Golden Chainring. Seriously, this could be the best loop in the state of Utah. It’s only 6.5 miles in length but you could spend hours and hours finding and trying technical moves both on and off the main trail.

Jon flashing a move.


Dan, not so lucky.


Top of the Zen. “Where’d Brad go?”


My favorite thing about the St. George trip. A custom sweet ass stem from Jon at Sabrosa. It’ll be the icing on the pumpkin pie Jabberwocky build. Coming soon.



27 Aug

That’s how many years I’ve been married. It makes me feel old yet accomplished. It’s also pleasantly surprising to me that Tasha has kept me around for so long. If you happen to know us or meet us you quickly realize that I married way above myself and my father-in-law likes to remind me of that fact.

Its been a good, no, great adventure. I’m constantly struggling to keep up with her mentally and physically while she sometimes struggles to put on a smiley face whenever I respond, “lets go for a bike ride” to her query of what needs to be done or what we should do. A bike ride, that’s my solution to everything.

Speaking of bike ride, I’m 3 for 3 this week in my quest to have a great week. So far, it’s working. Its been a great week.

Happy anniversary to me and Tasha!

Father’s Day Tasha Style

17 Jun

Since my dad is in Australia, yesterday was all about me. Happy Father’s Day Pops, if you’re reading. Here are my Father’s Day top 5.

1. Breakfast. Father’s Day just sucks without a delicious breakfast of whole wheat homemade waffles and a side of sausage and eggs. I even had a piping hot cup of coffee in my hand the second my feet hit the floor when I got out of bed. Thanks, Tasha!

2. Bike Ride. I got out for a ride all by myself for about 3 hours. After cranking up to Alta I decided that one time up Little Cottonwood Canyon on Father’s Day was not enough, I had to do it twice. Check out the snow pack at Alta. Not a sliver of terra firma in sight on June 15th.

I love the view of the mouth of the canyon from up above. You can see all the way across the Salt Lake Valley.

3. Hangin with girls. They decided I need to wear something other than t-shirts.

4. Picnic at Red Butte Gardens. Tasha whipped up some tasty Asian pasta salad that went perfectly with the Pinot Noir she brought along.

5. Can you say chocolate cake? The perfect ending to a perfect day. Eggs, butter, sugar, chocolate and only 5 tablespoons of flour. Unbelievable! Seriously, the best I’ve ever had. Thanks, Tasha!