I Got Your White Rim TT

27 Apr

I forgot how hard it is to ride the White Rim in one day. I did the Moab Rim Ride last month (not to be confused with the White Rim) and felt great even after 10hr 30min of riding. In contrast the White Rim only took about 8 hours and while I felt great afterwards I really suffered for about an hour from miles 40-50, I mean really suffered. I’m telling you the Moab Rim Ride was easier.

You would think that after having ridden the White Rim literally dozens of time over the years that I would remember how hard it is. No. I disrespected it and it punished me.

On with the story. You know what I really love about living in Utah? I love being able to drive to Moab at 5 a.m. in the morning, ride 100 miles around the White Rim and then drive home that same day. No camping and the family woulda thought that I just had a late day at the office, you know, if I had an office. If I did it would look like this:

Nine of us started at 8:30 and rode counter-clockwise. We all had our own personal goals and the social aspect of the ride ended abruptly after what could loosely be called a “neutral” roll-out when we descended Horse Thief after about 12 miles. Adam and Rick S took off down the switchbacks too fast to witness the carnage of Aaron’s crash. It must have looked a lot worse than it turned out to be as he was somehow able put himself back together and actually finish the ride, I woulda bailed for sure.

After making sure Aaron knew how many fingers he had and that his bike was working the rest of us took off. I chased as hard as I could and wouldn’t see Rick until the bottom of Murphy’s Hogback nearly 40 miles later. I had been pedaling so fast and furious to try and catch those two that by the time I did I completely imploded and then they were both gone again not to be seen for a very long time.

I thought the White Rim TT would also be a great time to test out a future product, lets call it CR 350, and really wasn’t sure how things would play out. I had mixed 4-24 oz water bottles with 300 calories each and planned on drinking one bottle per hour. I also had the equivalent of 3-24 oz water bottles in my Camelbak mixed to 350 calories each. I failed to take in enough of the mix in the first few hours with only 2 bottles consumed by Murphy’s. I completely seized up at Murphy’s. Lesson quickly learned, I need more calories per hour than 200.

I started downing the higher calorie content drink and began to feel much better. So much better that over the next 3 hours or so I would eventually catch up to Rick S and Adam. I felt like a million dollars for those last few hours, literally better than I had felt all day and would finish in 8:05 feeling great.

There were several other groups doing the White Rim that day all starting from different places and times but all had to pass the spot where our group started and finished so I got to cheer on a few fellow White Rimmer’s. Here’s some of my favorite pics.

Bry Christensen, possibly the nicest person in the world, needs a new helmet. Yes, I’m starting a fund raiser for Bry. I really want him to get a new helmet don’t you? If you look close you can even see hot glue gun glue holding his helmet together in various places. He’s worn that same helmet for the last 13 years, gross.

Ever wonder what to do with used GU packets? Solution: make sure to invite Rick S. along for the ride, he collects them. In his shorts no less, weird.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen Adam in this position after a monster ride, he always looks so comfy as if he’s been eating bon-bon’s all day and sipping fine cognac.

I’m already obsessing about doing this again, trying for 7:30. I’m thinking a harder gear. The 34×20 was good for the climbs but 95% of the ride begs for something bigger. I think I’d rather walk a few more of the climbs and go faster on the flats. I’ll also buy a watch with a timer to remind me to drink that 350 calories an hour. How does end of May or first of June sound?

14 Responses to “I Got Your White Rim TT”

  1. Dave Harris at 7:13 am #

    Sounds like a typical brutal day on the white rim 😉 I think I did it 12 times one year, love that ride! But only once on the SS, never again. I thought it sucked on a SS but it was the day after Rim Ride so maybe that had something to do with it.

    Late May/early June sounds brutal for a WRTT. But, if the weather keeps on doing what it’s doing it just might be perfect.

  2. KDAY at 7:29 am #

    Oh how I wish I could have attended. Sounds like a good time.

  3. Rick S. at 7:49 am #

    I knew you would catch me but I didn’t know you would fly past me with such ease. You crushed that last climb.

    Regarding the Gu packs, I was so cooked with 10 miles to go, that I was wiping the Gu off my quads and licking it off my dirty gloves. It seemed like a good idea when Elvis told me to do it. Looking back, I’m not sure that was Elvis.

  4. Brandon at 8:13 am #

    You know, as painful as it was I have also had the desire to go back soon. Let me know. This time with gears not my SS.

  5. Aaron at 10:33 am #

    I’ve been obsessing over going back as well… hopefully without any drama. I’m not sure about a 7:30, but I think I can get under 8. I feel bad that I put you in chase mode for so long. Next time I have a pile-up, just bunny hop over me and keep riding. Actually, during the bunny hop, drop some Vitamin I on me – that stuff works wonders.

  6. mark at 10:43 am #

    I think 7:30 is very doable. But I’d be riding a geared bike. I was in 44×18 most of the day on the Saturday ride, and I can’t imagine how fast you’d be spinning with 34×20. I’m never doing that on a single speed again.

  7. dug at 11:37 am #

    oh cmon y’all–the ss on white rim is only a problem if you’re racing. it’s no big deal. i’ve done ss rigid the last 5 times i’ve done that ride, and while sure, i’m going slower than you guys, it’s still awesome. it’s all good. but “i’m never doing that ride on a single speed again”? relax. breathe through your nose.

    • bob at 2:13 pm #

      SS CX bike, just to say i did it.

  8. Grizzly Adam at 5:25 pm #

    I’d look more alive, if I were dead in that photo.

  9. Ryan at 8:51 pm #

    Let me know if you do it again I would love to go. Had a blast this year, I have been thinking about going back ever since I got home. I want to try out some of your new brew do you have any dealers in Davis County yet?

    • brkeyes7 at 9:28 pm #

      Soon! KDAY is almost ready to open his doors, right KDAY?

  10. Carney at 2:48 pm #

    Nice ride!

    Ditch the WR in May and do Grand Loop 🙂

    • brkeyes7 at 9:29 pm #

      Does the Grand Loop require any camping outside with the boogeyman? If so, I am out.

  11. DaveH at 6:01 am #

    There is no camping requirement on the Grand Loop.

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