Trail Blazer

7 Jun

Since I have spent countless hours riding and enjoying the great trails here in Corner Canyon I thought it was way past time for me to give back a little. Trust me when I say little I mean little. If you had to compare the amount of hours I’ve spent enjoying the trails here to the amount of trailwork hours I’ve done it would be a ratio of 1,455:1. If anybody keeps track I now have 2.5 hours of trailwork in Corner Canyon under my belt.  I know, pathetic.

Off we go.  Jamie, Karl, John and myself heading into the jungle.


It felt like Corcovado and I thought we were going to have wild boars chasing us at any moment.


Some day soon you will be riding your bike through this stuff but without all the stuff.  Thank Jamie for it.  BTW, When Jamie says to wear pants to help flag the trail you should listen.  I’m slightly oppositional defiant and wore shorts, big mistake as my legs are still bleeding from all the scrapes and punctures.


Seriously, this is how it’s done;  you ride your imaginary bike down the imaginary trail and hopefully, it feels “right”.  Does it feel swoopy?  Does it feel fast?  Does it feel too tight?  Jamie totally nails the switchback and proclaims it just right.


I am a trail rider not a trail blazer unless you consider creative ways to spend your children’s college fund “trail blazing”.  Jamie is the trail blazer and if you want in on the action and fun and bleeding shins you can contact him at to get on the volunteer list. Do it!  Don’t be pathetic like me.

2 Responses to “Trail Blazer”

  1. tibiker June 8, 2009 at 11:11 am #

    You forgot to mention how fun it is to lay out the flags and design a trail we will be riding in the future. Cool to know you played a role in making the trail a reality. Brad had so much fun flagging that he disappeared at one point and we found him a hundred yards ahead of us smiling and out of flags. (Easy to find him, as we just followed the cool twisty trail alignment he had just done)

  2. gtb June 9, 2009 at 8:30 am #

    Glad to see that civic-minded side asserting itself. Now a comment on your earlier posts re: the deck on Gooseberry: NICE! You are making it happen and I’m stoked for you. By the way, that was some serious craftsmanship on the deck. Really. How did you make it look so perfect?

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