Sit Back

29 May

Relax and soak in the view.  I can’t stop looking at this picture.


It’s done.  Thanks in no small part to Brian and Brent Price.  I’m speechless.  How about another view.


It’s huge.  24 x 24.  Go lay those dimensions out in your back yard to get a perspective.  Enormous.  I think I’m going deck camping.

In other news it’s Tasha’s birthday today or is for another hour anyway.  Happy 39 baby! I  Love you.  Hey, let’s go camping.

3 Responses to “Sit Back”

  1. Karl at 10:44 pm #

    I have to say it looks REALLY good! The angles and lines are stunning and the Redwood? contrasts nicelly with the vegetation.

    Wish Tasha a happy B-day. She wears it well.

  2. KanyonKris at 8:43 pm #

    Happy birthday Tasha.

    The desk looks good – very good.

    I got a good cordless driver for Xmas that itching to so some action, so let me know if you need help on the next one.

  3. forrest at 6:10 am #

    When are you taking reservations? Looks great, stoked for you.

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